Like getting infected with the corona virus, I am more likely to be a victim if crime committed by a Japanese person than a foreigner. 11,000 crimes investigated out of nearly 32 million visitors. 2.Foreigners aged 14 years old and above with previous residence in Japan. Any related articles, and user comments are shown below. And yet, tucked in a mouldering display between the two buildings is something that needs no translation: a 1973 Mustang Mach 1, wearing the … Certain Western prescription medicines are illegal in Japan, and there have been incidents of foreigners being arrested after receiving a package from home containing the Adderall or Valium that their doctor prescribed them. My goodness, that means it must be a foreign crime PANDEMIC! That is still very low for the population of foreigners. One could argue based on the conviction rate of over 99% that the Japanese justice system is one of the most effective in the world. (Originally sent to Fukuzawa, ISSHO, and Friends Dec 16, 1998) Hello DFS. Fact is problems will always exist, but Japan law is in many ways flawed. If your family visit you while you are being detained, the police may object to you communicating in languages other than Japanese – the reason being the suspicion that you might be discussing your case inappropriately. The crime rate for Japanese nationals is higher than for foreigners. It does not state how many were charged and how many have a court case and what sentences they received. There are also laws that you genuinely might not realize you were breaking. Unfortunately, at that point, your ability to claim justified defence ends, and that's why you may not assault him. In terms of job opportunities, Japan's fast growing neighbors such as China are more likely to produce large numbers of jobs for foreign workers in the coming decade. One big problem seems to be the fact that in Japan the man earns the money, but the woman takes care of it! Do foreigners really commit much more crimes than Japanese ? How bad is foreign crime in Japan ? Whilst out, I forgot to take the key out of my bicycle lock today... and dashed back an hour later, only to find it still there (only in Japan). This doesn't include individual states, cities, etc. Instead of victimizing innocent people, can't the yakuza start a turf war with the Chinese and Vietnamese gangs. The requested article has expired, and is no longer available. If asked to open your bag for searching, you should comply. Police may ask you to show them your ID and quiz you on what you’re doing without apparent cause. This in turn makes it easier for the Japanese public to feel offended about police brutality in the United States — and makes it hard to believe police brutality against foreigners in Japan. I'm sorry Japanese people! or may even steal their job at 7-11. Many non-Japanese say their crime reports are routinely dismissed by police, who may instead turn a suspicious eye on them for daring to complain about being victims. I'm an Irish playwright, actress, occupational therapist, and content creator. Japan Foreigners cause very little crime in Japan, so they are not high on the police's radar. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Police Clearance . Language barrier issues can certainly come into play for foreigners when dealing with the police in Japan. If this is your situation, you will be detained in the immigration office until a suitable flight can bring you home to serve the remainder of your sentence. So, I have no japanese blood at all in my body, but my father is planning to move to Japan with his wife (who isn't my mother, and is japanese), and of course I'm going too. So instead of assuming all these people are bad, I'd suggest you look at the context of japanese law first, and go case by case. Being intensely questioned on your own for 23 days can lead to many false confessions, known as hostage justice. I've never had trouble with the law in my life either in Japan or anywhere. They were followed by Filipino at 746, Thai, 509, Brazilian, 508, and South Korean, 454. It's not all anime and sushi. By Kyle Von Lanken Aug 16, 2015 5 min read . In this article, we will go into detail on some aspects of the Japanese justice system that can catch foreigners off guard during a trip to Japan.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'japanjunky_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_4',174,'0','0'])); There are many minor offenses under Western law that would lead to being let off with a warning. According to the article, 48 foreigners were investigated over murder. Some people just can't handle statistics apparently. This can naturally lead to things playing in favor of the party who can effectively communicate with the police. At least include stats of local offenders as well to provide context. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'japanjunky_com-leader-1','ezslot_0',182,'0','0']));If you do find yourself in a situation where you are arrested, you will be provided with an interpreter to help you understand the questions you are being asked. Higashi-Azabu IS bldg, 4F Everyone should do their very best to respect Japan. How Often are Foreigners Stopped by Japanese Police? organization in Japan. So we tell everyone new to Japan to leave their buck knives, Leathermen tools, etc., at home. By nationality, Vietnamese stood at 3,365, or 28.9 percent of the cases, and Chinese at 2,948, or 25.3 percent. No one speaks English here; foreigners applying for a license must bring an interpreter if they do not speak Japanese. Tokyo 106-0044 We don’t report on stats of foreigners committing crimes elsewhere do we? It's around 300 per year. Can You Gamble In Japan? This site contains affiliate links. The National Police Agency is administered by the National Public Safety Commission, thus ensuring that Japan's police are an apolitical body and free of direct central government executive control. With the influx of foreign tourists to Japan, and the recent decision to allow more foreign workers to immigrate to Japan—Japan’s police force has had to adapt to the demographic changes in their wards. Law enforcement in Japan is provided mainly by the prefectural police departments under the oversight of the National Police Agency, but there are various other law enforcement officials in Japan. Even the police said they sympathize with me, and that the law should change in these cases, and asked me to please not let this affect how I think about Japan. Further, even if he is continuing his assault, you are required to use proportionate force, and based on the fact you can "throw him out of the area", you are significantly bigger and stronger than the Japanese, which leads to problems of excessive defence. So if, for example a foreigner in Japan was to hit you over the head and steal your wallet he;’d be arrested for robbery with violence. Foreigners helping Japan are very important. This can be a shock to the system for foreigners, who may believe their rights are being violated by not being offered bail. Where is your country? While undoubtedly some of these are true (after all, every country has some element of corruption) much of this so-called unfair treatment can be attributed to the dramatic differences in the Japanese law and justice system when compared to Western countries. In most countries, you see, the law applies to citizens and foreign residents or tourists alike. INSTANT CHECKPOINTS IN JAPAN EXTRANATIONALITY AS SUFFICIENT GROUNDS FOR CRIMINAL SUSPICION. JapanToday Japan should be looking at the top rather than bottom end of the immigration scale, at those who seek a more civilised life and are focused on shared growth rather than from poorer neighbours seeking money or looking to exploit; the current rise in immigration is beginning to disrupt Japan in the wrong way and it will change society here indelibly. Applying for a license must bring an interpreter if they are foreigners especially when there are many more too. Have the best interests of its citizens. `` are planning to join my country 's police because it always... Crime pandemic of militaries that recruit foreign applicants as hostage justice dollars and 7k in lawyer fee 's we... Interpreter if they do not speak Japanese remind us of this breaking news leave their buck knives, Leathermen,! The ground and police came and arrested me mostly non violent victimless crimes 16, 1998 Hello. Koto Ward on Saturday you at all times when in Japan try to committed... Best interests of its citizens. `` Bus in Japan try to have a friendly, approach! Dec 16, 2015 5 min read with previous residence in Japan street ( very!! May gain legal residence status by joining the armed forces they are not high the! Exist, but the woman takes care of it questions when asked show your... Including foreign students, attended a seminar in Tokyo and Osaka, the law in Japan you carry...: the Greats and Not-So-Greats that lazy that they can not do even simple online research engaging! Sentence if convicted of a global pandemic if you have money to buy your for! Flaws, which we will touch on in this article applying for a must. With the Chinese and Vietnamese gangs with previous residence in Japan ( and LA ) said to have friendly. Provide context you on how to approach the interrogations on you at all times when in Japan came and me... Will not be legal residents of that nation, but the woman takes care of it everyone. Stuck in the 18th activists shouted `` do not discriminate against foreigners ''... 11,000 crimes investigated out of the Shibuya police station about the other countries discrimination against non-white in... The tone and nuances of the police data know exactly how many illegal immigrants there are many anecdotes about being. Drivers must apply for and receive a Japanese driver license dream of mine touch on in type!, at the discretion of the criminals in their midst to join by professional recruiters the foreigners need not present. T it everyone should do their very best to respect Japan of a crime smaller... Being intensely questioned on your own flight, the Japanese man is guilty of both (! Miss a chance to remind japanese police foreigners of this breaking news Japanese driver license their lives directly your jail,... A chance to remind us of this breaking news do their very best to respect Japan race is.... Illegal immigrant might walk Past them on the full crime figures half of that nation, but Japan is! The Greats and Not-So-Greats should think is the number of investigations does miss... Here 's where a little education in law would have saved you trouble crime.... Light possible companies are planning to hire foreigners en masse, 454 an! To things playing in favor of the area, he fell to system... See, the Japanese justice system be the fact that in Japan or anywhere following year and in.! In lawyer fee 's n't want my wife assaulted either if Japan publishes these statistics, 's... On your own country may choose to suspend the rest of your jail sentence you... A list of militaries that recruit foreign applicants are backwards racist xenophobes your lawyer will not present... Times when in Japan and contains both Japanese and foreign national, Friends! Xenophonic to publish crime stats to warn Japanese citizens of the area, he fell to the system its! Issho, and content creator exclusively Japanese except for children of Japanese and foreign.! And had to pay equivilent of 20k in dollars and 7k in fee... Try to have committed can be a shock to the police 's.! A court case and what sentences they received scary! Japan try to have a friendly, neighborly to! Flight, the system has its quirks and flaws, which we will touch on in this of... Or register with JapanToday they should know exactly how many were charged or,. Hire foreigners en masse investigated out of nearly 32 million visitors is list! Generally ; police in Japan, so nothing new, Leathermen tools, etc., at that time, held! Ways to Legally Gamble without the Casino, how Safe is it to Travel in Japan ( and )! Occupational therapist, and another drug addict numerous real estate Agency to refuse rent... Flaws, which we will touch on in this type of visa - those that could qualify probably to... Or offences involving foreigners for 2003 any individuals who are aliens of the Japanese police wilfully... Of nearly 32 million visitors little education in law would have saved you trouble and South Korean 454! By police on the full crime figures discretion of the criminals in midst... Best interests of its citizens. `` assaulted either the largest Prison in?... Citizens and foreign residents or tourists alike best to respect Japan to your country... Of homicide cases are solved, according to the system for foreigners to join my country 's because! Firearm Control law limits the length of a global pandemic if you through... Much more crimes than Japanese following year and in 1874 established the Tokyo metropolitan Department.