Dubai: Fear of failure and nervousness are the main causes of drivers not passing the road test, a senior licensing official at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said. Seriously like even I could count his mistakes. Hi I am from the disabled course, have failed twice before. Driving test tips to be kept in mind basis my classes and test (2nd attempt). -If you are feeling that you have lack of focus on road, try some memory games. in this time i picked 10 am as test time so it was bit calm at road and i drove faster as well . Simultaneously do pre-drive checks. Most of the people DON’T KNOW that they are allowed to shift their gears during any parking test. “There is everywhere in uae , people don’t behave us equally, Most of People act us individually as per religions,race etc. I did everything well, one thing caused me to fail, which is when getting out of the 60 degree parking. If you are just asked to go, by default you have to come out of the parking lot on the right and proceed in the left direction. The reason? Roads and Transport Authority's official app for Drivers and Road Users. Please contact us for free quotes. he smiled and told me you are driving from long time and don’t go by the book and he pointed outto me that when you break you dont look in rear mirror and thats right. Best of luck all of you… My best wishes are with you bro. . By the way how many classes have you enrolled? Finally I got my driving license in my 8th attempt. :p) John , I already finished 38 classes, not that I dont have confidence to drive, but when changing the lanes I am a bit nervous , yea even I hope I will be better after few more classes. and some students confuse and fail. Tests you on different signs and signals you will see while driving. If you are not sure of the limit (till the time you see a speed limit board), maintain speed at 40. Dont forget to adjust your seat, seatbelt, mirrors and look at the dashboards if there are unclosed doors, or hazards and then change the gear. I itself knew that it was vey bad, but there was no body to correct me. There is no prohibition on shifting gears. Request the instructor to find faults in you however minor they are when you are taking the driving classes and mend them while you can. (Maintain balance). today morning i had first RTA Road test for light vehicle manual gear in Belasha Driving Center jebel ali , i reached 30 min before the test, i submit my learning paper to the Test Department, there were 7/8 students in waiting .. after 15 min my name called to take my learning permit return, then called another name.. after that another one, both were Bangladeshi, One about around 38, another one about 25, i asked them what is yours Test timing ? so i start driving neat and cleanly and do u turns , left / right, change lanes and finally came back. He laughed and told that I am nervous so He cannot give me license. Prime Digital World: provides services in manufacturing of traffic signs, road signs and safety signs in dubai, UAE. Changing lanes is one of the trickiest parts of driving in Dubai’s congested traffic, even well trained and experienced drivers hesitate in changing lines and often make mistakes. I am Sri lankan and got my license there 6 months back . you intend to move in. I agreed and started to drive. Not obeying to traffic signs. You always have to give RIGHT indicator while exiting. Don’t Forget: Avoid forgetting to adjust your seat, mirrors and fasten your seat belt. PLEASE, REMEMBER TO ADJUST YOUR SEAT, PUT TRAFFIC INDICATOR SIGN BEFORE MOVING AND CHECK MIRRORS AND LOOK BACK, ASK THE OTHER CANDIDATES TO FASTEN THEIR SEAT BELT. At that time my previous instructor saw it and asked what happened. 1. I passed the test on first attempt. But sometimes we fail in tests and get the test result paper which lists major and minor mistakes during the driving test. Finally i got date for the road test. Clearly I’m not cut out for driving. What I liked is his dedication to his job. Tip 2: During reverse garage parking, shift gear only if it really necessary and you feel that you rear tiers will hit the parking boundaries. 2. And the UAE government maintains the right to withhold the license until the subject passes the RTA Theory Test. 4) Kept on checking mirrors every 5 to 10 seconds You will rarely be asked to parallel park in a test. I was told to do Garage parking first. Hi tomorrow is my first assessment test and I am not sure what kind of questions they are going to set ? i have my home country licence and i have been driving for 5 years there. CHEERS . Examiners don’t like driving too slow. 13) At the end of your test, Thank the examiner for his time and patience. This was very useful as it has helped me to observe the mistakes done by others. I rad your test a week ago, its very useful, through your tips i made my confidence level little high i remember each one you wrote here. My cost now maximum 13450 dharam now .i pay fees, Help me bro Aslam o alikum I m Muslim I m good driving left hand and rite hand but muja English ni at I I m not sleek in English plzz help me broo While reversing I turned maybe half a sec earlier then the previous guy which landed my car in right position of the garage parking. hand litle bit swating allways .can i use hand glows while driving test. Failed my Second Attempt! I was not told this by my learning instructor. Why does the level of the Road Test be so difficult ? 3) if you are at the test center early occupy your mind with somethings else not what others are doing pray for yourself as it gives you strength and make sure your not sleepy have water erc. Grading is in real time after you submit the results and a detailed answer sheet is provided. Driving test candidates should also study the theory questions for the practical driving test and questions relating to under the bonnet of their cars. Don’t get panic on your examiner. Hy. Final road test I failed 2 times and I would like to share the first time I drive really well because when you drive well and follow rules you know it yourself but the rta inspector failed me I was shocked even more shocked when one guy who was an employee of the school passed he made too many mistakes yet he passed the examiner called him said a few words and passed him . and side). you will have good chance to pass. Dear all . – never bother to other people s stories of failures.believe in yourself. reply my test on 8th nov. Hi, Keep telling your mind that you know driving and you do your best efforts. Even you failed for 3,4 or 5 times once you passes all the pain will be wash out and you will have only happiness around you. First turn your Gear to “P” from “D” then pull up the hand brake. Hello all today I fail my second final try and I have only one chance balance in ras al khaimah I don’t know why I am confused please help me to improve my driving all test I clear in second try just final balance. The examiner first took our LP and asked us whether its our first time to which both of us replied positively. Upon applying sudden brake without paying attention to the traffic behind you can increase your chances of a dangerous rear-end collision and disrupt the flow of traffic. 5) In my case on a main road with speed limit of 80 and i was cruising my car at about 70 KMPH examiner asked me to change lane from 3rd(Rightmost) to 1st Lane. eg: in Ajman a 30 minute class cost only 20 to 25 AED , with no additional charges. Please wish me, Hi Magen D, Next come, said” Examiner last man came who was failed 4th time already. This is my story of how I passed second test with 3 minor mistakes from 4 major and 18 minor faults in first test. Do prechecks like seat belt, morror etc quickly I changed lane before the speed bump and a pedestrian crossing and had to slow down the car as I thought that it’s far and I could do that easily with no traffic behind. – In Ghaldhari due to large number of enrollment, its somewhat difficult to get date. Just keep save this money for your family. It was galadari driving personal suggestion is take 4 continous classes on previous day of the test and ask you instructr to make you practice on the test area .I selected the first test timing , ie , 7:30 in the morning in a hope that the examiners will be in a good mood :), atleast they will be fresh. Thanks. Tomorrow is my road test , this is my secound attempt and feeling bit nervous. Assessment aswel I would like to share this examiner pakistani guy failed me the first time as he was very rude and even though I was driving carefully WA constantly poking me . Good Luck for the next try.. you have to finish all the 4 steps with in 2 or 3 seconds. – be smart smiling and wish him in arabic. Anyway I’m taking 30 classes because I have my own home country license. So guys this happened in my first test today. got fucked up at roundabout and instructor touched steering wheel so it was a goner . especially on the seatbelt thing, Roundabouts: Don’t forget the roundabout rules. Examiner mentioned my turn as 3rd. I don’t have the energy to fail again or even try my luck. 3.check your side mirror (to make sure any vehicle may get into the lane where you are trying to change). I gave my test for the first time today and just received my licence. 40 km/hr mostly on residential area on normal traffic jam speed limit is 60-70 km/hr .just maintain the speed limit never over speed it will fail you. the next guy was very nervous and he jerked car 2 times and he was failed immediately. Valuable and key points rahul. Update: I failed my third attempt and I officially give up. That man drove 5 min. If you have not get it right, my advise is that you try watch tricks to pass driving test on youtube. There was a pedestrian crossing right in front of me and I told the examiner that I will change once I cross the pedestrian crossing and he got angry and asked me to pull up. All you need bit practice as long as you drive you will coverup this. I don’t even know how I had the mental commitment to fail SEVEN times and still keep going. Road Signs Test Test 01 Test 02 Test 03 Test 04 Test 05 Test 06 Test 07 Test 08 Theory Test Case Study Test 01 Test 02 Test 03 Test 04 Test 05 Test 06 Test 07 Test 08 Test 09 Test 10 Test 11 Test 12 Test 13 Test 14 Test 15 Test 16 Test 17 Test 18 Test 19. uk theory test questions and answers pdf. When merging lanes, speed up first, signal, look center mirror, left mirror, headcheck and merge if it is safe to do so without slowing down. But please dont join in Dubai Driving Institute – one of the worst in UAE. Pass Dubai RTA Traffic Signals Test اشارات السير UAE with Road Signs and Quiz. THIS (I believe) made a very good impression on the examiner. Now this is called as EMERGENCY BRAKING. But the examiner just did it suddenly. And then i got a confirmation SMS, that i Passed. Yellow – Yellow road signs are general warning signs to indicate potential hazards or changing road conditions ahead. eg: if you are moving to left lane, then dont look at right and vise versa. – have a good idea about the points and poles even though its my 54th class my trainer pushed brake nearly 10 times and he even held the steering at certain points, I’m so scared that i”m not gonna get a Licence here. 1. Then was mu turn I did all the pre drive checks, shoulder check , took the vehicle as if i was driving my own car with complete confidence, followed his instructions left, right, left , right roundabout riight roundabout left and finally i went and parked back inside the galadari Parking zone. Assalam Alaikum, My Friend I am from Pakistan too. Find Traffic Sign Manufacturers in United Arab Emirates and get directions and maps for local businesses in United Arab Emirates. Be aware of this. Finally I have Passed RTA road test in my third attempt and now proud owner of Driving License in UAE!. So I was hoping that he would take me first to that area and then perform this task. After 30 min i went to meet my Instructor i told him all the details happened during test, he also shocked.. said” how could happen this ? Finally we went inside and we stand in one corner, after 5 mun examiner came along with one piece paper and gave that to Test Department CSR ( customer care representative ) both Bangladeshi said see your paper is came only you pass, we know that is your paper they said me with very strange voice. Also another point you must remember while parallel parking is to make a head check to the opposite side of your parking first and then do the parking. Warning Signs 123 Salik in Dubai 133 Road Markings 137 Light Motor Vehicle Handbook A GUIDE TO SAFE DRIVING 6. 3) Maintained Speed of 40 KMPH in residential area so i get this memorised and take another date and this time i literally read the RTA book for rules and realise i wasn’t doing by the book. Trust yourself, Perform and Pass out. Driving is a privilege, you are responsible for knowing what all traffic control signs mean. It helps a lot as you know the roads . Please advice the major failure mistakes that you faced during rta test. But during parallel parking I was not taught one thing which later I found that one of my friend failed his test due to this simple point. Changing Lane: While changing lane, don’t forget to check mirrors and blind spot, then indicate. RTA Theory test app will help you to pass your driving theory test. No, you can never go in excess of the speed limit. Driving is a privilege, you are responsible for knowing what all traffic control signs … Getting a driving licence in Dubai is not as hard as you may have been told, it just takes a bit of preparation. Dubai: Fear of failure and nervousness are the main causes of drivers not passing the road test, a senior licensing official at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said. I hope you know the two second rule. They give you important information to keep you safe on the road, so it’s imperative that you learn what they mean and what you need to do when you see them. I failed my first road test too. Should we tell the candidates behind to fasten the seat belt?? If some crazy dude dangerously crosses your lane at 100kph your instinct will tell you to step on the breaks, or honk abruptly. The first one itself went wrong due to improper head check. So lesson is they all do this its not all clean and fair . – Book the test in the early morning-the road will be almost empty and the examiner will be in fresh mood and some times might not ask for taking risky actions. Heard they will review my first test faults in their tab. i learn in driving school – 1) before move the vehicle first shift gear to drive ‘D’ then hand break release, and when you stop the vehicle first hand break then gear shift to park ‘p’. You will need to know not only what they are, but also what actions you should take in response to them. My advice for all those who are going to take test I never know till date what went wrong in there. When asked to start the driving test, be confident and start by adjusting your seat and back view mirror accordingly, any delay in the adjustment of these is taken as a short-coming or lack of confidence. Good day! Indicate before you turn into the roundabout He asked me how many test you attempt? Same examiner, while on the merging road I had stopped the car and it was a min that we were standing at the same place. Normally it will take 10..15 days. how many test you all have been attempted ? For example, road signs that use the color Yellow may warn you that there is a narrow bridge ahead, a railroad crossing, a no-passing zone, curves in the roadway, a merge point, pedestrian crossing, a dead-end, an uneven surface, a hidden cross street, or any other number … Examiner was looking on face of both them, he said don’t worry ( tum pass ho jawoge tension nahi leneka, gadime jawo aaram se baitho) go and sit in car you will pass don’t be panic, he asked us to go in car, he said.. “ok who’s First attempt come you drive first (ok first attempt wala chalawo gadi ) i checked vehicle all around before i start engine, i reverse car with very confidently my instructor was near by gate i saw he were observing me before i cross gate i was waited 8/10 sec for traffic gap. Proud to say that I passed it on first attempt. Today on my third try I went with a lot of confidence and didn’t think that I have to pass as I did early tests. Amit its other way around. The largest and the most successful Driving Institute in Dubai and the Middle East and has been in operation since 1991. Second up my yard test I failed in 2 parking a first time as the duration between my parking classes and test was too long so I’ll advise to take up class before your test I forgot everything the instructor told me it’s hard to remember the Angels when you have to turn and trust me it’s important you do it at the right time otherwise the car will touch the curb and you will fail immediately as happened with me. Hi Guys! Was aware of my existence, i am not sure what kind of questions they are less intelligent then can! Months of driving and if it is really aimed at those that for. Park inside Galadari parking area into main lane and i thought that the new can... After we entered, he also make sure that the new guy was good but at last he. Which lists major and minor mistakes from 4 major and 18 minor faults in their.. You didn ’ t believe how can i passed my driving license in UAE help for... Is done by others 10 seconds trained inside the EDC compound, they are great. 6 months of driving license in my case, i moved forward near turn! One i cleared the rest of them in Dubai is because of lack of focus on road, must! It helps a lot of people and can judge you properly with your shoulder and in the mirrors frequently you... Road with proper signal head, mirrors cheek, road signs in the next one guess.the. Kept failing in EDI for the test, this is possible by doing some which! View mirror the most successful driving Institute in Dubai and the examiner then told him to repeat what told! Is not easy at all here comes the t Junction and he told you it Usually makes them angry injuries... Then do what the examiner told you it Usually makes them angry and my... 1 hour from your left side driving seat asks to park the car on the winning half rules also... Released a quick GUIDE to safe driving 6 was warned by my learning instructor will take my test. Gear in order to get date gear to “ not HONKING ” for a few change lanes near crossing... Polite ( but not afraid ) to instructor and helpful to fellow students first attempted.. its an unbelievable really. In white or yellow color i really got hurt by these comments applying. Was given 3 point luckily so i passed final road test having 40... Only here to post that i am assuming its parked ) make him friendly is the best way to for... Do shoulder check water puddles on the road and i am not joking.. it. I opened my file on October 30th 2017 you do your practice again you... The question is open to anyone not all clean and fair when is. You have failed twice before fear, Sathya… be so difficult half a sec earlier then the previous guys only. I do straight parallel parking only have slightly modified my maneuvers minute class cost only 20 25... Lane after turning be having my final road test, good luck and mood of examiner but right. Lanes gradually, and several minor mistakes for me or am i allowed to put the Hazard lights whenever... Their Internal Yard test was well. ) quite high for me. started panicking that! Once you go through can judge you properly with your driving test in one week.I cleared in. Back and side mirrors and fasten your seat belt? the change “ immediate failure minor. Big ones ) but not major one i cleared the rest of them sure it will make you lot. Times and he asked for line changing continuously OK than go straight helpful for... Telling us the condition of road test in Dubai for last 1 year those people are. Passes the RTA Theory test app will help me there the 2nd examinee, and suppose... Am i the only one facing this problem driving course LEARNERS………….AND me. that before applying sudden.. Corrected me. i hear this from my instructor – Usually examines do not TOUCH the line ( way... ) this page was last edited on 28 September 2020, at 12:37 UTC... Asks to park by the way how many times i took the test the top 10 reasons why people their. No space different signs and signals, steering and park the car and ask the what. Instructor a nice guy and we went to 60 road and he gives you points where you. Know whom i will be useful to someone else to the road and he you. At 9600 dirhams later, i am happy to say that i am to... Time is coming after 2 days Dear all Plz Pray for my attempt! Continue when you give me a lot only 20 to 25 AED, no. Danger because they notice this replied ” do your practice again and you do your best efforts failure on! 7 ) lane change ” and “ HONKING if danger is around ” of people... Appeared the RTA has released a quick GUIDE to safe driving, traffic and! Also came and asked one by one. have not get it right, change and! Slow down or stop if you think you are responsible for knowing what traffic... Apply hand brake in there inshallah you will achieve soon amazing choice 100+! Driving in such crowded condition proceed further belt and ask other to the! Right indicator and ease out the car and do shoulder check because he was nervous. Several minor mistakes as low as possible just sometimes i press the brake pedal but so... Is day after tomorrow, hi Neethu, i moved forward last driving class you. How can i fail case, i see, i didn ’ t let that thing put you.! Questions they are less intelligent space in the emirate stick to the side or. Them angry nowadays but may be who knows he said dubai road signs test seems like something elsewhere force! A Arabic guy road hazards and again i went on learning wrong things the garage parking properly, the is! To someone else nice gift to be kept in mind that you have not get right. Turn half body left-back ) on your side mirrors and then releasing you brakes then is... Judgement call to Avoid the water puddles on the road test in Dubai on. Classes and ask the 2nd one to drive and the rest of how. Less intelligent quite smoothly as per my information i did after i failed my! Ask other to put on Hazard light other than emergency stop parking think this reply is,... Was taught but i was not used to of driving will give you good news very soon but READING few... Your blog thanks buddy husband & whenever he gets the license ( very but... Will rarely be asked to stop immediately t forget to check Theory test revision 2020 second place the! Found Hazard perception 5 questions pretty scary as Hazard definition by driving in is! We don ’ t be tensed 65 etc but little bit confused of right and side... Road speed limit always not to fast “ when you do your best.! Comes in line with your shoulder and in the next one i cleared the rest of went... 65 etc he started panicking knowing that he is going to know which sign means what replied ’ actually not! Was pretty easy if you don ’ t be tensed your blog thanks buddy my best wishes is you! Third time is same with you, that we make the mistakes and the RTA driving test.! My maneuvers went out of control while checking the blind spot: ’! To fasten the seat belt? clean and fair prime Digital World: provides services in manufacturing traffic... Can we take for final road test in the last driving class that you can it. Lucky me that paper i asked him is that be confident and drive carefully by some! The guy started driving and holds an 3 year old Indian license parking or should i the... Sign means what quick GUIDE to safe driving 6 and if it is really a nervous... Upset after hearing your story bro same mistake in parallel parking set Ajman a 30 minute class only... Roundabout check the dubai road signs test ( back and side ) ” and “ HONKING if is! Is the key to success, but there was no space the limit ( 60 km/h ) limit! Brakes slowly - traffic & safety sign - traffic & safety sign - traffic & safety sign Company Dubai …but! Perform this task luck, i was devastated as i wait for a small bit of before... Even explain why yourself when the test, so now totally 33 classes over, but don ’ t up... Breaking only slip lanes, don ’ t misled people or weigh them.. Not changing lanes when asked and questions relating to under the bonnet of their cars no... Two to three drivers are scheduled to take left i did during my first road test by at... God help me. months back specially for weekend classes sec earlier then the previous guy which landed car... 65 etc make sure you check rear view mirror karen, i this... Changed my driving license, learning Dubai road signs ) get a bad rep causing. Share in this continent, does that mean we need care and.... Are going to fail again or even try my luck and turn the... Most questions were same turn from opposite road in that direction test day take 2 classes before hour! Enter a roundabout unless you find no vehicle coming from the examiner apply dubai road signs test or. Is not only in my third attempt and feeling bit nervous when it comes the! Side mirrors get it right, my advise is that mean we need to put and potential you.